October 5, 2015: Assessment ⧣ Grading


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Vol. 11.2 | October 5, 2015  

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From the Director

Assessment ≠ Grading


Directors-ChairWhen I went to school the process of getting grades was a simple matter, for students. We handed in our work -- assignment, quiz, project or whatever it was -- and got it back a day or two later with a grade on it.

There might be gold star, or a few words scrawled in red at the top of the paper (“Big improvement here!”, or maybe “Not your best work -- what happened?!”), some things circled and a check mark here and there; but only thing any of us were really looking at was the grade: a letter, or a number out of ten, or thirty-five, or a percentage.

On the surface it was simple enough; if you wanted a better grade for the course you had to get more points on your assignments. It was obvious. But that process didn’t give students --or parents -- any information at all about what students needed to do differently to understand the writing process better, or Newton’s Laws. It also didn’t differentiate between really significant learning gaps and carelessness: a word hastily misspelled resulted in the same point deduction as mistaking the Magna Carta for the Déclaration des droits de l'homme et du citoyen.

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Welcome a New Colleague

Brandi Rogers is looking forward to the opportunity to work with many students as the new K-12 ESOL Brandi Rogersassistant. She comes to us from Jacksonville, NC, along with her husband Paul and their children, Julia and James. Brandi enjoys photography, scrapbooking and reading. She is excited to share her Malian journey with AISB.


BYOD has landed at AISB!

After many months of planning and consultation within the AISB community, the BYOD program has been launched at AISB.

While there have been a handful of teething problems, as with any new program, the BYOD program can quite confidently be regarded a success. Among the many benefits of the new system have opportunities to make consistent use of online resources, such as Google Classroom, to improve student learning. Learning, both independent and collaborative, can occur spontaneously, which helps our students develop their skills as lifelong learners. Having more computers also means greater opportunities for individualized instruction, to meet the individual needs of students.

A number of minor challenges have resulted from the introduction of BYOD:

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Information Evening - Understanding Google Classroom

gclassGoogle Classroom is a powerful, easy-to-use (and free!) online system that lets students and teachers share information and resources easily, and helps students manage their assignments --and their time-- effectively.

Parents and students are invited to an information evening Thursday October 8 at 7:30pm in the Library, on how schools (including AISB) are using Google Classroom to support student learning.

Hope to see you there!


7th Grade Poetry Fieldtrip


This month 7th grade students had the opportunity to participate in a field trip to a small island owned by the famous Malian musician Salif Keita. The goal was to immerse them into nature in search of inspiration for writing poetry. The students also took pictures of plants, trees and flowers and then identified the different flora that was found on the island.

Here are some pictures of the fun and learning that happened on the island.

IMG 1215


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