December 10, 2015: Happy Holidays


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Vol. 11.4 | December 10, 2015

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From the Director

From the Director: Happy Holidays!

Dear Parents, Students, Faculty and Staff,

Learning carries on as usual here at AISB, and the atmosphere at school is energetic, productive and positive as always, despite the heightened security situation. A strong community makes all the difference at times like these, and we thank our Board, faculty, staff and support staff for their professionalism and their deep commitment to our students’ learning and well-being. We are maintaining regular contact with the security office of the US Embassy, and appreciate tremendously the strong support they have given us. Please feel free to contact me by email or to arrange a meeting if at any time you would like to discuss the current security situation.

It’s certainly been a busy, productive year already, and everyone is looking forward to a well-earned winter break. It is our hope that this vacation gives everyone in the AISB community time to rest, relax, and spend time with family.

Classes will resume, following our regular schedule, on Tuesday, January 5th.

The date for AISB’s International Fair has been moved from January 30th to February 27th. If you are heading home for the break don’t forget to pick up food and clothes that you will need for the Fair!

The second quarter (and first semester) ends January 22nd, and high school students will be sitting semester exams and submitting term projects after the holiday. Exams run from January 20-22, and you can see the schedule here.

Finally, our annual Winter Show will take place on Wednesday, December 16th at 1:30pm in the MPR. There will be performances by elementary students and the high school band. We will also take the opportunity to say good-bye to some of the families that will be moving on to new adventures in the new year. Please join us.

We wish you a happy and restful holiday.

See you at school,


College Counseling Corner - Special 11th Grade Edition

College Counseling Workshop to Begin in 2016

Parents and Guardians of the AISB Community,

Do your son or daughter a big favor and encourage them to join the After School Activity, College Counseling Workshop!

Just imagine how good they will feel entering their Senior Year with their Common Application already started, tremendous forethought put into their Personal Statement, the TOEFL already taken, the SAT or ACT taken and a study plan in hand, as well as a preliminary college list that is tailored to the the type of experience they want to have after AISB. 11th grade is a very stressful year due to the academic load, however, this planning ahead will make their Senior Year all the better.

Here's what some AISB 12th graders have to say about the College Counseling Workshop. Moussa Diarra emphatically states, "Just do it! I really wish last year we were given this opportunity. If you don't do this, it will backfire and it won't be pretty." Karima Hadid posits, "If we had taken the TOEFL and SAT last year, we would be able to focus more on the Personal Statement this year." Mohamed Touré adds, "You might think you have time, but you won't next year."

Not convinced yet? Talk with any 12th grader and they'll let you know where they stand.

Lysha Lansing Wasser
Admin/College Counselor/Teacher


Inaugural Chess Tournament

Inaugural AISB Chess Tournament


Friends, Parents and Guardians of the AISB Community,

Kids love playing chess! Do you? Would you be interested in participating in a chess tournament in the Spring? The entry fee would be 5,000 CFA and all proceeds will go towards buying new chess boards and timers for the AISB Chess Club. The chess tournament would be held on a Saturday and we would have three divisions: Primary, Secondary, and Adults.

Please be so kind to take less than one minute to fill out this survey.

Thank you!



Our Little Community Garden

As a service learning project for the year, the 6th grade class decided to take on the responsibility of building a community garden for AISB. We knew, as a class, that this would not be easy but we thought that with a combined effort and some advice from professionals, we would be successful!

Garden imageThe first thing we needed to do was present our idea to Mr. Waugh and Mr. Baba. We spent a few weeks preparing a presentation explaining all the benefits that this garden would provide for the school community. We also proposed a location for our garden while keeping in mind how much sunlight and shade the plants would need to properly grow. Luckily, Mr. Waugh saw the potential in our project and gave us the green light to start building!

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The Gardening Project

~ Belinda Nzungize 

garden project1The gardening is going really well up to now. We started planting on Tuesday November 3rd. The first and second graders came to help us plant. Even if we are the ones to have started the project we are not the only one to do it; other grades like seventh grade or first and second grades are helping us.

The project is progressing a lot and we all hope that the plants grow. garden project3









Garden: What We Did Today

~ Charity Nuhu

garden1Today we started building the raised bed for our garden, and it’s not as easy as we thought it would be. We had to dig 5cm deep into the grass where we are going to grow our plants. Then we used our hands to remove the grass we dug out.


It was hard work but it was extremely fun. I can’t wait to see how our garden is going to look when we’re done with it.


The return of the African Biennale to Mali

~ Chade Van de Fliert with Kelly Owens

inchallahThe African Biennale of photography is an exposition, allowing African Photo-graphers to exhibit their work on a range of subjects. This year’s theme is “Telling Time”. This biennale came back to Bamako after it was cancelled in 2013 due to the Malian crisis.


 This exposition has images that spoke words; each image had a deeper meaning than what was portrayed.

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A Peek Into This Year's Yearbook

~ Bastiaan de Nooijer, Yearbook Editor

This year's Yearbook class is much smaller compared to previous years. Nonetheless, I don’t see this as a negative. This might even be the best Yearbook class ever. This is not because of the people within it, but simply because everyone is very inspired and dedicated to their work. We all have the equal task and stake of taking pictures and creating our templates on Josten’s website, Yearbook Avenue.

Since the beginning of year, I have learned a lot about seeing a project through, step by step. I have learned how to learn from my mistakes. At first, I tried to contact all the teachers of Pre K and the Kindergarten classes without much success. Then I figured out I had sent emails to old email addresses, which led me to talk personally with every teacher. That mistake opened the door to my first interaction with Ms. Attie.

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Sharing our Fables with Kindergarten

One of the beautiful benefits of learning in a small PreK-12th grade school is the opportunity to learn in mixed age groups.

Unlike many large schools where students are segregated by age in almost every part of their day, students at AISB interact with peers of different ages in the hallways, at assemblies, during After School Activities, and sometimes in lessons during the school day. Their days are enriched by these interactions.

For middle schoolers, seeing younger children reminds them of their responsibility to be serious students and role models.

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AP Human Geography and Human Geography Visits a Large Commercial Farm

On Friday, November 27th the students in AP Human Geography and Human Geography visited a large commercial farm 35 km outside of Bamako on the road to Segou. During the visit the students saw over 3,000 ostriches, tortoises, camels, cows, and GMO papaya trees. After the trip the students were asked to write a response in regard to how their farming practices are profitable. Here is Axel’s response.




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The art room has been a hub of creative activity!

High School
Students created their own mythical or unusual creatures and we had a menagerie of ‘critters’ living in the art room for a while. There definitely are some VERY unusual animals here!

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