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Vol. 11.5 | February 12, 2016

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From the Director

From the Director: Looking Forward

If the school is a car and its mission statement describes its destination, then a strategic plan is the road map needed to get there.”

Dear Parents,

One of major goals set by the AISB Board of Trustees this year is to develop a strategic plan to guide the school for the next five years. The plan will develop and outline the path the school will take during that period, working for the best possible alignment between our Mission and Beliefs and our programs.

Good planning processes incorporate the stakeholder. AISB’s strategic plan will be developed with input from all our stakeholder groups, including students, parents, teachers, support staff, administrators and trustees.

We will begin the process of developing our strategic plan by looking afresh at our Mission and Beliefs. This first step is an important one: together, we will build deeper, shared understandings of the vision our Mission and Beliefs offer our community, and the responsibility they set out for us.

Interested in taking part?
Parents, if you would like to participate in this ambitious project, please send an expression of interest to me (bwaugh@aisbmali.org) by Friday, February 24th. I will send more information about this and other elements of the strategic planning process in future newsletters and we will continue to welcome members of the AISB community to join in.

Most immediately, we are looking for volunteers who would be interested in joining us for the first step – a day-long workshop, to be held in March, to explore some of the school’s key “foundational documents” including the Mission and Beliefs and the Graduate Profile. Expect discussion and philosophy, collegial debate and good company, with refreshments, lunch and after-workshop drinks provided by the school.

Hope to see you at school,


PTO International Fair

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Ce communique en français

Dear AISB parents, faculty and staff,

As you know the International Fair is coming up soon – Saturday, February 27th. Unfortunately, the PTO has been unable to find enough volunteers to act as country coordinators for the food tables at the Fair. Because of this, we have opted to change things and go back to the way the Fair was organized a few years back.

The International Fair will run as a potluck event. Everyone brings food. Everyone eats. No one pays!

That means that every participating family brings a dish big enough to feed at least the number of family members and guests in their party plus two.

Serving tables will be grouped by continent (Africa, Europe, America, Asia) and you will bring your dish on the day of the Fair and take it to the appropriate table.

With this change you will no longer be required to purchase food tickets AND everyone will have the opportunity to show off their best national dish. The PTO will continue to offer soft drinks, water, wine and beer for sale during the event.

In order to keep this a secure event, you will still be required to register your name and get your entrance tickets – FREE – ahead of time. You can either register with Ms Oumou, in the school office, or send an email to PTO@aisbmali.org, and we will send tickets home with your child.

Please remember that you will need to provide the following information to register and receive tickets:

  1. The name of each school associated family member that will be at the Fair. This includes parents and AISB students. Parents should bring their school ID badges on the day.
  2. The full name of each guest you will bring. Remind your guest to bring their photo ID on the day.
  3. The name of the dish you will bring and the country your dish comes from.

You can order tickets, or get them directly from Ms Oumou, next week, from Monday, February 15 until Friday, February 19.

Guests are welcome but they have to register and bring their ID to the International Fair.



We are also looking for volunteers to help with the tombola (raffle), serve food & drinks, sell tickets and clean up. If you want to help out, you can volunteer by emailing pto@aisbmali.org or by leaving your name and contact information with Ms Oumou.


Honor Roll Assembly



Foire internationale de l'AISB

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Chers parents, enseignants et personnel administratif,

Comme vous le savez la Foire internationale est à venir prochainement – samedi le 27 février. Malheureusement, l’organisation des parents d’élèves n’a pas pu trouver suffisamment de bénévoles pour agir en tant que coordinateurs de différents pays pour les tables de nourriture à la Foire. Pour cette raison, nous avons choisi de changer les choses et revenir à la façon dont la Foire a été organisée il y a quelques années.

La Foire internationale se déroulera comme un événement de partage. Tout le monde apporte de la nourriture. Tout le monde mange. Personne ne paie!

Cela signifie que chaque famille participante apporte un plat assez grand pour nourrir au moins le nombre de membres de la famille et des invités dans leur partie plus deux.

Les tables de service seront regroupées par continent (Afrique, Europe, Amérique, Asie) et vous apporteriez votre plat le jour de la foire et l’amènerait à la table appropriée.

Avec cette modification, vous ne serez plus obligé d'acheter des tickets pour la nourriture et tout le monde aura l'occasion de montrer leur meilleur plat national. L’organisation des parents d’élèves continuera à vendre des boissons gazeuses, l'eau, le vin et la bière lors de l'événement.

Afin de maintenir cet événement sécurisé, vous serez toujours tenus d'enregistrer votre nom et obtenir vos tickets d'entrée - GRATUIT- à l’avance. Vous pouvez soit enregistrer avec Mme Oumou, dans le bureau de l'école, ou envoyer un courriel à PTO@aisbmali.org, et nous vous enverrons des tickets à la maison avec votre enfant.

Veuillez-vous rappelez que vous devrez fournir les informations suivantes pour vous inscrire et recevoir des tickets:

  1. Le nom de chaque membre de la famille associée à l’école qui sera à la Foire. Cela comprend les parents et les élèves de l’AISB. Les parents doivent apporter leurs badges d'identification de l'école le jour de la foire.
  2. Le nom complet de chaque invité que vous apporterez. Rappelez à votre invité d'apporter leur photo d'identité le jour de la foire.
  3. Le nom du plat que vous apporterez et le pays dont votre plat vient.

Vous pouvez commander des tickets, ou les obtenir directement de Mme Oumou, la semaine prochaine, du lundi 15 février jusqu'au vendredi 19 février.

Les invités sont les bienvenus mais ils doivent s’inscrire et apporter leur carte d’identification le jour de la Foire internationale.


Nous cherchons également des bénévoles pour aider à la tombola (tirage), servir de la nourriture et des boissons, vendre des tickets et le nettoyage. Si vous voulez aider, vous pouvez faire du bénévolat par courriel pto@aisbmali.org ou en laissant votre nom et les coordonnées avec Mme Oumou.



AISB 11th Grade Internship Week

All AISB students complete a week-long community-based internship during their 11th grade year. The internship program supports students in exploring areas of interest to them, and may be in a field related to their academic or career plans or, alternatively, might offer a taste of something entirely new.

A chief aim of the program is for our students to engage meaningfully with broader community and the world outside school. Indeed, AISB’s internship program was implemented in 2014-15 in response to students’ desire for opportunities to gain workplace experience during their school years. Internship placements are designed to foster students’ autonomy and independence and their confidence in interacting with others, to provide authentic experiences to respond creatively and constructively to challenges and setbacks, and to encourage students reflect meaningfully upon their experiences as stepping-stones along a “life-path.”

Thank you to Our Community

This internship program would not be possible without the support of AISB’s community partners. Taking on an intern requires time, energy and imagination, and we would like to recognise community partners for their investment in our students. Every one of our interns came back excited (and exhausted!) and brimming with stories of the high quality and supportiveness of the mentorship that they received, the authentic nature of the work that they did, and the thoroughly engaging things that they learned.

We couldn’t have asked for more, and we thank you sincerely.

This year’s internship sponsors were:

A Child for All
Banque Atlantique, who sponsored two interns
Central d'Acheter et Distribution
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
Laboratoire D’analyses médicales PA & KA
Lycée Français Liberté de Bamako
Mam Cocktail
Restaurant San Toro
Mr. Mat Van Dillen, who sponsored two engineering interns

Below are photos and reflections from each intern.

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WAISAL Basketball Tournament Reflections

Simon Ensing: 10th Grader, Forward

From Wednesday the 3rd of February, until Sunday the 7th, the AISB basketball team went to a basketball tournament in Dakar, Senegal. I think the tournament and everything around it was very well organized. The host family in which I stayed was simply outstanding. They were very nice and always eager to help with anything needed. The schedule of the tournament was clear. Lunch was good and the lemonade even better! Everybody at the school was very polite and nice to our team. I hoped for a little bit more food from the barbecue, and the all-star award ceremony and all-star game weren't very clearly organized. Other then that, I, and the rest of the team too, had a wonderful time in Dakar and found it an amazing experience.

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Field Trip to Mam Cocktail

~ Juliette Racicot

On January 7th, 2016, my class of AP Human Geography and the human geography class, went to visit a local industry, located, a bit outside of Bamako. During our visit to Mam Cocktail’s factory, we had the opportunity to learn about their goals, a little bit of the industry’s history, their products and plenty of other intriguing things. What made this field trip interesting was mostly the fact that we could interact closely with the workers and Mrs. Diallo. We had the chance to help them work, pack their bottles of yogurt, watch them as they stamped the tags that they glue on their products, etc. We had multiple tasks to do, so everyone was able to work on different things, improving our bond and communication as a class. Personally, my favorite moment was when I had the chance to help some Malian women mix the grains used to make dèguè, a delicious West African dessert. It was a good experience to know how it was like to work in a factory.

To add to the pleasant visit we had, I would want to highlight the workers and Mrs. Diallo’s generosity and joyful mood throughout the whole visit. We felt extremely comfortable. The field trip helped me build a better understanding of an industry, and all the factors that contribute to make it successful. I think that I speak on behalf of the whole class when I say that we enjoyed this trip very much. It was a perfect combination of fun and learning!

I would like to gratefully thank Mrs. Diallo for opening her industry for us, and for the food, of course! Mrs. Owens for organizing everything, the workers, for warmly welcoming us and helping us, and to conclude, my dad that agreed to accompany my class to this field trip.

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