Welcome to the AISB School Board

The AISB Board of Trustees consists of nine members. Of these, seven are voting members, four Americans and three non-Americans, who must be parents of students enrolled at AISB.  These numbers may be altered only if the required number of Americans or non-Americans is not available to stand for election. There are two ex–officio non-voting members of the Board, a representative of the US Ambassador and the Director.

The major responsibilities of the Board of Trustees are to advance AISB’s mission, develop and revise sound policies and oversee sound financial stewardship of the school. They have a responsibility to ensure the school’s well-being now and into the future. One of their main responsibilities is to hire and evaluate the Director, who is responsible for the day-to-day running of the school.

Parents of AISB students and faculty are welcome to attend board meetings.

Minutes of Board meetings are available to be viewed by parents and faculty in the Director's office. Please contact the Director if you would like to view these.