Parents who choose to enroll their children into AISB are expected to support the mission and beliefs of the school.

  • AISB offers admission to all students whom we believe can benefit from our well-balanced and rigorous academic programs. We accept students who speak English as a second language but require that they take an assessment to ensure that they will be able to be successful at their grade level. In general, the higher the grade level, the higher the student’s level of English proficiency needs to be. 
  • AISB can admit students with mild learning difficulties; however we do not have the personnel to meet the needs of students with more severe learning disabilities.
  • To be considered for admittance to AISB, the school needs to receive a fully completed application form with the required supporting documentation. The sooner this is received, the sooner we can inform you if your child has been accepted to the school.
  • The Director determines admission to the school and/or class placement according to age, the evaluation of previous school records, and where possible, a personal interview.
  • AISB may offer financial assistance (up to 75% of tuition fees only) to families who are not able to afford the fees themselves and whose fees are not paid for by an organization.

Admission of Students Resident in Mali

We admit students throughout the school year, which runs from the middle of August until early in June.  Typically, students join us in August, for which admission decisions are made by May 31st. Applications received on or after June 1st may not be notified of admission until early August. Mid-year admissions are typically for near the start of the second semester, in late January.  For the 2019-20 school year, the second semester start date is January 24th.  Admissions at other times will be considered.

Admission of Students Transferring from Abroad

Students transferring from abroad will be considered for admission throughout the school year.

We welcome you to visit our school and take a tour of our facilities and see classes in action. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to email the registrar with any questions.

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