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Elementary Student Handbook

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 AISB Elementary School welcomes students from PreKindergarten 2 to Grade 5. Classes are self-contained. Students in Kindergarten to Grade 5 also study Art, Music, French and PE with specialist teachers.

All Elementary teachers maintain a weekly class blog to help parents keep in touch with what's going on in the classroom. These, with brief curriculum overviews, are linked below.


Every Thursday the entire Elementary gathers together in the music room for Assembly. Classes take turns to share some of their learning with their fellow students, perform a short play, or lead the group in a song. Parents are encouraged to attend these assemblies.

 Our After School Activities Program is especially popular with Elementary students. 


 Curriculum Overview
 Class Blogs

 Ms. Krishanthi Ekanayake
 Ms. Sira Diarra

 PreK 2-3  PreK 2-3 blog
 PreK 4  Ms. Famida Daud Aly  PreK 4   PreK 4 blog
 KG  Ms. Marylou Casillas  Kinder   Kinder blog
 Grade 1  Ms. Julie Gibson  Grade 1

 Grade 1 blog (new)

 Grade 1 blog (old) 

 Grade 2  Ms. Janet Stewart  Grade 2
 Grade 2 blog
 Grade 3  Mr. Don Johnson  Grade 3

 Grade 3 blog (new)

 Grade 3 blog (old)

 Grade 4
 Grade 5
 Ms. Moira Henderson  Grade 4
 Grade 5
  Grade 4-5 blog