Who we are: Meet the Board

Board Chair: Johan Andersson
Nationality: Swedish
Brief Biography
Our family arrived in Bamako from Sweden in January 2016. We have two sons (6 and 10 years old) whom both have attended AISB since we came.
Before coming to Mali I worked as a project manager for different governmental agencies in Sweden. I have 15 years experience as a project manager and business developer. During these years I’ve lead several projects (both small and large ones) with the aim to streamline operations through process- and IT-development. I have also worked with policy development for different IT- and business development departments.

Board Vice-Chair: Viet-Hong Pham Dinh
Nationality: Vietnamese
Brief Biography
I have a master’s degree in Biodiversity Conservation and I have spent 8 years working as a government official in-charge of overseeing medium to large size range projects run by international and national agencies, 12 years experiences of being manager of several UNDP, WB among other donor projects. I am very familiar with strategy and policy development for natural resources management.

Board Treasurer:
 Boubacar Sidibé

Nationality: Malian-American
Brief Biography

As a native of Bamako, I have a vested interest in all areas that produce a positive change in the country that I know and love. After completing high school, I decided to study abroad in Agadir, Morocco, where I obtained a degree in business administration. In the years following, I relocated to the United States of America to further my education, and currently hold multiple IT certifications (A++, Net+, CCNA, Security+) from Georgetown University; bachelor’s degrees in the fields of economics and finance (University of the District of Columbia). In addition, I’m a recipient of a graduate degree in financial management and accounting (University of Maryland). Currently, I’m working as a Corporate Tax Inspector for the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

It was not an easy decision to leave the comforts of the U.S to reside in a developing nation after 8 years working for Conservation International, but I made a promise to myself long ago that I would use the education that I received abroad to better my nation. My two daughters both attend primary school in Bamako, and my youngest is a student at AISB.

Board Secretary: Daniel Tiveau

Nationality: Swedish
Brief Biography
I have a master’s degree in forestry and I have been working in West and Central Africa for the last 19 years, both for the Swedish government and for international organizations. I’ve been on the AISB board for the 2017-2018 school year. In addition to the general board work I’ve been involved in the communications and facilities committees. The board work is very similar to the work I do at the Embassy where I monitor Swedish bilateral development investments in the public sector, UN, civil society and the private sector in Mali. I’ve found the board work very stimulating so far and I think oversight of the school by a number of elected school community trustees is very important.

Sonia Guillotin-Keïta
Nationality: French-Malian
Brief Biography
I live in Bamako for 18 years. I am currently head of a small company specializing in wine and my husband is the owner of a well known bar restaurant of the place. I am also a graduate of the French National Education for Primary School. It is with this diploma that I arrived in Mali 18 years ago, recruited for 6 years by the AEFE, the french high school agency abroad. Having been brought to work with the arts and cultural background in Bamako, I followed courses in Cultural Actions for two years in the Conservatory of Art and Multi-Media of Bamako.I have 4 daughters and the last two study in American school, grade 8 and 9. They have been in AISB for 5 years.

Je vis à Bamako depuis 18 ans. Je suis actuellement à la tête d'une petite entreprise spécialisée dans le vin et mon mari est le propriétaire d’un restaurant bien connu de Bamako. Je suis également diplômé de l'enseignement national français pour l'école primaire. C'est avec ce diplôme que je suis arrivée au Mali, recrutée pour 6 ans par l’agence des établissements français à l’étranger.Ayant été amenée à travailler avec le milieu artistique et culturel à Bamako, j'ai suivi des cours en Actions culturelles pendant deux ans au Conservatoire des Arts et multimédia de Bamako.J'ai 4 filles et les deux dernières sont à l'école américaine, 8e et 9e année. Elles sont à l'AISB depuis 5 ans.

Iman Zbib
Nationality: French-Lebanese
Brief Biography
My two daughters and I came to Mali five years ago from Dubai where I worked as a trainer and consultant in the financial sector. I am currently the CEO of a regional group of companies in the food industry sector. 
My involvement in AISB began soon after we arrived, when my first daughter entered PreK 2.  The new physical and social environment of Bamako made the move quite challenging at first but we are very happy today and the main factor in our successful transition was my daughters’ adaptation to AISB.

US Embassy Representative (Non-voting): Leslie Moeller

Nationality: American
Brief Biography

Leslie Moeller is the Management Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Bamako whose responsibilities include community liaison and overseas schools engagement for the mission. Her Foreign Service career has included assignments in Saudi Arabia, South Africa, India, and Afghanistan as well as management policy work at the State Department in Washington, DC. Leslie is a graduate of Cornell University.

AISB Director (Non-voting): Brad Waugh
Nationality: Canadian
Brief Biography

Brad Waugh is a native of Vancouver, Canada and came to Mali as the Director of AISB in July 2015. His work as an educator began in Canada and, since 2001, has taken him to Bolivia, Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nepal. He is a passionate teacher of mathematics, physical sciences and Theory of Knowledge, and has taught students from grade 8 through post-secondary. His previous work in school administration has included posts as a secondary school principal, whole school principal and deputy director. Brad enjoys bringing students, teachers and parents together to develop dynamic, student-centered learning communities.

He and Renée Comesotti have two daughters, Ceilidhe and Kieran, both graduates of international schools and confirmed third-culture (adult) kids