Registration is open for second semester at AISB: Seeking AISB Ambassadors

As second semester approaches AISB is preparing to welcome new families to our community. We are always glad to see new faces, and we are proud of the community warmth and diversity that help make AISB a terrific school. Please join us in welcoming our newest additions to the school when you see them.

AISB is also pleased to reach out to the wider community to potential families and students. You, our parents and students, are the best ambassadors for the school. By sharing your experience with new potential families you help our community grow, and you help families find the right school for their children.

If you know of anyone interested in joining AISB, please feel free to point them in our direction. Here are some ways you can do that:

Our Registrar
Our registrar, Mariam Keita, is happy to assist new families by answering questions about the school and the admissions process - in French or English! Interested families can contact Mariam by email ( or phone (2022-4738).

The School Website and Facebook page
Families can find out about the admissions process, the school's academic program, and much more, by going to A nice view of our community is available at the school’s Facebook page.

The School Brochure
Our AISB brochure is another way to share information about the school. If you would like copies of the brochure for your workplace or community hang-out, please do be in touch. We'd be happy to provide you with some.