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CEEB (College Entrance Exam Board) Code for AISB – 629012

Career Research

To take an interactive career interest survey, go to College in Colorado website and create an account. On step 2, when it asks which school you attend, click Find, then click at the bottom of the pop-up page on “My school is not on the list.” Once account is created, go to Career Planning, then Learn About Yourself, then Career Cluster Survey.  Take this survey to discover and research careers that are a good fit for you.

College Research

Click on the following links to research information and find applications for going to school in these parts of the world:

Testing Registration

AISB is a test center for SAT and ACT tests – the test center code is 78607

TEST SITE:  Cours De Langues Prodesco, BPE 3461, Rue 542, Porte 744

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