A Peek Into This Year's Yearbook

~ Bastiaan de Nooijer, Yearbook Editor

This year's Yearbook class is much smaller compared to previous years. Nonetheless, I don’t see this as a negative. This might even be the best Yearbook class ever. This is not because of the people within it, but simply because everyone is very inspired and dedicated to their work. We all have the equal task and stake of taking pictures and creating our templates on Josten’s website, Yearbook Avenue.

Since the beginning of year, I have learned a lot about seeing a project through, step by step. I have learned how to learn from my mistakes. At first, I tried to contact all the teachers of Pre K and the Kindergarten classes without much success. Then I figured out I had sent emails to old email addresses, which led me to talk personally with every teacher. That mistake opened the door to my first interaction with Ms. Attie.

This was the first personal interaction of many. After having setup my photo shoots, I strictly followed the time schedules (which we created with the help of our very inspirational teacher Mr. Lysha). This included setting up the photo shoot materials in the right place at the right time, as well as considering different aspects such as lighting and positioning. After finishing a photo shoot, I immediately collected the images and then edited them using Pixlr, which I find very suitable for this year's yearbook.

I never really thought that photography was something for me until I started taking pictures and actually editing them! I love coordinating photo shoots simply because I love the interaction and bonding with children. During one of the photo shoots, I received help from my twin sister, Florianne, who is a person I know I can count on for her ability to connect with children! Even though there is always a kid or two who doesn't smile, picking them up is the right way to turn that frown upside down!

To conclude, Yearbook class is not just about getting the work done and finishing the yearbook. No, this year's Yearbook class is all about planning, dedication, professionalism, teamwork, sharing ideas, being happy, and most importantly making others happy! Consider this message a preview of what you can expect the 2016 AISB Yearbook to look like.

Thanks for reading this article and be ready for the #1 Yearbook in AISB's history!