Our Joyful, Fun-Filled, Picture-Perfect trip to Mali Health and a Local School

P1140439On Tuesday, October 27th, 2015, the fourth and fifth grade class took a trip to learn about Ebola, and I have to say - it was quite the experience! First, we took a short trip to Mali Health. Dr. Mamadou Keita, from the Foundation Pour Enfance, talked to us about how Ebola can be transmitted, what the symptoms are, what we can do to stay safe, etc.

We were there with 20 other students from two local schools. We all took notes in our notebooks, and we all had our books filled with facts. We were all so fascinated at the different facts we learned about Ebola; like the different species and how it can be healed. And some of the facts were scary, too! We even got to ask questions that the doctor answered for us. I think the most fascinating fact is how it started. There is no proof for what started the shocking disease, but the likely possibilities can fascinate you.

After the visit to the Mali Health office, we visited one of Bamako’s own schools with its own way of learning and it was really new for us. Don’t get me wrong, it was a huge school, but it only had four classrooms that were actually used for learning: 1st, 2nd, 5th, and 6th grade. The first graders were so happy to see us! Just seeing their happy faces filled us with joy. And some of their teaching methods actually gave us some ideas for OUR class, especially the way they did the attendance. They would make four columns: Boy, Girl, At school, and Absent, and then they would count each category and determine the day's attendance. It seemed to be quite useful! P1140470

When we were done with our wonderful visit and got back on the bus, we saw a huge crowd of kids, all waving at us with grateful and excited faces. It’s amazing sometimes how little things you do can make a person so happy, and how happy it can make you. Our trip back was quite relaxing, filled with laughs, jokes, and stories. The back of the bus was filled with fun and laughter, while the front of the bus was filled with quiet giggles and little conversations. As for the small bus… well, I don’t know, I was on the big bus. But I’m sure it was filled with happiness and laughter too!

And so ended our little field trip. This world is filled with dangers, THAT’S true. But one day, just one day, we will find a way to stop the Ebola virus. But for now, we can do little things to try to stop the virus from spreading and end an outbreak and each little thing counts.

From the 4th/5th grade class, written by Ousmane Tounkara