Our Little Community Garden

As a service learning project for the year, the 6th grade class decided to take on the responsibility of building a community garden for AISB. We knew, as a class, that this would not be easy but we thought that with a combined effort and some advice from professionals, we would be successful!

Garden imageGarden imageThe first thing we needed to do was present our idea to Mr. Waugh and Mr. Baba. We spent a few weeks preparing a presentation explaining all the benefits that this garden would provide for the school community. We also proposed a location for our garden while keeping in mind how much sunlight and shade the plants would need to properly grow. Luckily, Mr. Waugh saw the potential in our project and gave us the green light to start building!

 We used our math skills to figure out the volume and the perimeter of our raised bed in order to make sure we had everything that we needed. Then, it was time to use our physical abilities to prepare the ground for the bricks. We went outside and dug out some dirt and grass to lay bricks and form a wall. Once our wall was up, it was time to fill up the raised bed with rocks, dirt, and compost.

While that was happening, we invited our first grade friends to come help us plant our seeds. We created a little "nursery" for them to make sure they had everything they needed to grow strong! We used our knowledge of how plants grow to find out how much space each type of plant needs to properly mature. As you can see, we created squares that are 12 inches by 12 inches and carefully placed our plants accordingly.

Now, we are maintaining our garden by watering it twice a day, putting compost on it every week and making sure we check for weeds. We wouldn't be able to keep our garden alive if it wasn't for the efforts of our school guards. They have been kind enough to water the plants for us when we are not at school. Our next step is to create compost bins for the entire school to use. We can't wait to see how this all turns out!

garden image 2garden image 2