Sharing our Fables with Kindergarten

One of the beautiful benefits of learning in a small PreK-12th grade school is the opportunity to learn in mixed age groups.

Unlike many large schools where students are segregated by age in almost every part of their day, students at AISB interact with peers of different ages in the hallways, at assemblies, during After School Activities, and sometimes in lessons during the school day. Their days are enriched by these interactions.

For middle schoolers, seeing younger children reminds them of their responsibility to be serious students and role models.

On the other hand, observing the older high school students reminds middle schoolers that they have many steps ahead of them in their educational careers, and it also gives them something to look forward to.

During our Middle School ESOL class, we have been learning about the oral tradition of folktales, legends and fables, and students recently had the opportunity to find themselves in the role of the storyteller. We wrote our own fables and read them to Ms. Shannon’s kindergarten class. Some of the students looked forward to working with young ones, whereas others felt nervous to share their work. However all students agreed in the end that sharing with these sweet, insightful youngsters was a great experience for both parties.

I really liked sharing my story with the kindergartens. Sharing helped both our classes to communicate, especially for the kindergartens where it helped them learn more about fables. What was challenging was to make the story easy for them, and make the language easy for them. Another challenging task was to be able to answer every single question the kids were asking since the kids were really attentive and focused on understanding what the story was about. The thing I liked in the experience was working with kids and teaching them lessons. -Gabriel

I liked that the kindergartens were really attentive of what we were saying. The other thing I liked is that instead of just saying that they understood what we said, they asked questions to understand more. It was cool because we got to read fables we made, and we also got to teach the kindergarteners other things about fables. -Belinda

Kindergarteners are very attentive. When you talk they know that the only person they should focus on is the one that is speaking.
I had a big pleasure listening to the kindergarteners, because when you ask them if they have any questions they will answer, ‘’Not yet,” with their little voice or they will say, ‘’Yes.’’ They are not scared at all to ask a question because they know that their classmates will not laugh. They are really confident.