PTO International Fair

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Dear AISB parents, faculty and staff,

As you know the International Fair is coming up soon – Saturday, February 27th. Unfortunately, the PTO has been unable to find enough volunteers to act as country coordinators for the food tables at the Fair. Because of this, we have opted to change things and go back to the way the Fair was organized a few years back.

The International Fair will run as a potluck event. Everyone brings food. Everyone eats. No one pays!

That means that every participating family brings a dish big enough to feed at least the number of family members and guests in their party plus two.

Serving tables will be grouped by continent (Africa, Europe, America, Asia) and you will bring your dish on the day of the Fair and take it to the appropriate table.

With this change you will no longer be required to purchase food tickets AND everyone will have the opportunity to show off their best national dish. The PTO will continue to offer soft drinks, water, wine and beer for sale during the event.

In order to keep this a secure event, you will still be required to register your name and get your entrance tickets – FREE – ahead of time. You can either register with Ms Oumou, in the school office, or send an email to, and we will send tickets home with your child.

Please remember that you will need to provide the following information to register and receive tickets:

  1. The name of each school associated family member that will be at the Fair. This includes parents and AISB students. Parents should bring their school ID badges on the day.
  2. The full name of each guest you will bring. Remind your guest to bring their photo ID on the day.
  3. The name of the dish you will bring and the country your dish comes from.

You can order tickets, or get them directly from Ms Oumou, next week, from Monday, February 15 until Friday, February 19.

Guests are welcome but they have to register and bring their ID to the International Fair.



We are also looking for volunteers to help with the tombola (raffle), serve food & drinks, sell tickets and clean up. If you want to help out, you can volunteer by emailing or by leaving your name and contact information with Ms Oumou.