AISB 11th Grade Internship Week

All AISB students complete a week-long community-based internship during their 11th grade year. The internship program supports students in exploring areas of interest to them, and may be in a field related to their academic or career plans or, alternatively, might offer a taste of something entirely new.

A chief aim of the program is for our students to engage meaningfully with broader community and the world outside school. Indeed, AISB’s internship program was implemented in 2014-15 in response to students’ desire for opportunities to gain workplace experience during their school years. Internship placements are designed to foster students’ autonomy and independence and their confidence in interacting with others, to provide authentic experiences to respond creatively and constructively to challenges and setbacks, and to encourage students reflect meaningfully upon their experiences as stepping-stones along a “life-path.”

Thank you to Our Community

This internship program would not be possible without the support of AISB’s community partners. Taking on an intern requires time, energy and imagination, and we would like to recognise community partners for their investment in our students. Every one of our interns came back excited (and exhausted!) and brimming with stories of the high quality and supportiveness of the mentorship that they received, the authentic nature of the work that they did, and the thoroughly engaging things that they learned.

We couldn’t have asked for more, and we thank you sincerely.

This year’s internship sponsors were:

A Child for All
Banque Atlantique, who sponsored two interns
Central d'Acheter et Distribution
International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)
Laboratoire D’analyses médicales PA & KA
Lycée Français Liberté de Bamako
Mam Cocktail
Restaurant San Toro
Mr. Mat Van Dillen, who sponsored two engineering interns

Below are photos and reflections from each intern.

~ Cheick Koné: Central d'Acheter et Distribution

I worked at the Central d'Acheter et Distribution also known as the CAD, helping I maintain food orders. Every morning there was a conference with my boss Mr. Kader, and we went into our warehouse to see which items we had and the ones we needed to go get on the market. I really learned how a company worked on the logistics side and the manufacturing side. This is something I've been interested in for a while, because I want in the future to own my own company.


~ Mathilda Munstege: Atlantic Bank, Main Administrative Office

For my internship I worked in the main administrative office at the Atlantic Bank. I had been afraid that I wouldn’t be able to demonstrate my skills and knowledge, but in fact I did pretty well, and it turned to be a remarkable experience.
Working in the main administrative office, I learned key skills as a banker. I was encouraged to take on specific responsibilities and take care of clients directly, which I enjoyed the most. I encountered challenges and made great memories, and I would love to do this all over again.


~ Leena Nankani: Atlantic Bank

During our internship week, I held a job at the Atlantic Bank. I worked at the treasury section and was responsible for registering orders, transferring accounts through departments of the bank, and getting various documents signed and delivered.


Through this experience I was able to gain sets of skills such as working collaboratively with different groups of people and learning to adapt to new environments. I had also shared an interesting exchange with my supervisor and her coworkers through learning more about their enterprise and working lives.


~ Michaella Mutoni: A Child For All Orphanage

I did my internship at A Child For All (ACFA) which is an orphanage in Badalabougou. I was in charge of getting the children from school, and teaching them English and about the importance of school. I also spent some quality time with the kids, and got to know them in order to build a closer bond with them. I got to know how things at the orphanage work, like to whom the children go when they need to, how purchasing works for the organisation, and much more. 

It was an amazing experience for me because I got to work in an environment I am used to, with kids all over, which made things much easier for me.

I would definitely do it again, and I am planning on going back to see them this weekend!






~ Roger Indengere: Electrical Engineering

My internship was in field of Electrical Engineering. I did my internship at my current school (AISB) with the new Math teacher, Mr. Mat Van Dillen. 

My responsibilities were to make cables, after which I was required to make traffic lights that make different sounds whenever a light is illuminated. I made the lights successfully.  I learned to make electric sockets, and I learned how to solder by putting different tools together to make a specific thing. At the end of each day  I had to give a report of what I had done.

I wish I could do it again soon because it helped me to learn a lot and I got a huge experience to work at job like for normal hours.





~ Patrick Irambona: Electrical Engineering Project

I’m happy to have this opportunity to share the experience that I got during my internship.

My internship was partly in the field of electrical engineering and partly  programming, and I worked like a real worker to make cables and small complex traffic lights using Arduino software and a microcomputer to make all this work happen. 

I worked at AISB with my brother, where we were supervised by Mr. Mat Van Dillen. With the knowledge that I received from our supervisor, I made some cables and a small traffic light by myself.

I never imagined I could be capable of doing that whole thing in only one week, but I realized that nothing is impossible if you try.



~ Achille Niyonzima: International Committee of the Red Cross

I worked at the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in the ICT department where I was not only given the opportunity to learn but also given the chance to apply what I had learned.
From installing programs on the VHF radios to creating a LAN, my time at the ICRC provided a great experience for me. I really enjoyed myself and I am glad that I got the opportunity to do an internship that best fitted my preferred subject.



~ Kaydian Sterling and Eline Lovstakken: Laboratoire d’analyses médicales PA & KA

Our internship was at the Laboratoire D’analyses médicales PA&KA, a lab working with diagnosing infections and diseases by analysing bodily fluids. We 
chose to work in the microbiological sector, where we assisted our supervisor and his coworkers with creating bacteria cultures, using gram staining to differentiate between the two subgroups of bacteria (Gram positive and Gram negative), and examining bacteria present in fluids under the microscope. We also got to follow gynecologist checkups and analyze blood types and sperm cells.

The work we did required us to be extremely cautious and precise, and although it involved a lot of trial and error, it was really fascinating and the people we worked with were very patient with us.




~ Florianne de Nooijer: Lycée Français Liberté de Bamako

While doing my internship at Liberté, I learned many things. I chose to work there because my plan is to become an English teacher in Africa, at a French or American school. I taught the children how to use English grammar, such as how and when to use “a” or “an” at the beginning of a word. This was a big challenge because the children at Liberté are nearly all Francophone.

I found this internship interesting and I also learned a lot about how to present myself to my students. I felt I developed a bond with the students and their teacher, Fatim, whom I was assisting.

 Would I want to do this as a future job? Definitely. I enjoyed it so much that at the end of March, I’ll be going there again for another week.








~ Idrissa Sanogo: San Toro Restaurant

During my week long internship, I worked at the well-known restaurant San Toro. I mainly stayed in the kitchen helping out, prepping fruits, vegetables, meat and the like. The restaurant San Toro serves food at the BIM, so I also helped in bagging the food that was went there every morning for the lunch service.

Although I spent most of my time in the kitchen, I still did a little work in the storage, where I was taught how they store and categorize different things. I also spent some time in the restaurant as a waiter, learning the proper etiquette of serving foods and beverages.

I had a great time at my internship even though it was quite tiring, and I learned a lot.





~ Huseein Kone: Mam Cocktail

During my internship, I learned many things about how a factory runs. My internship was very interesting because I learned how juices, yogurt and other products are made and put into their containers. I also learned many things from my co-workers such as how many days a product can last before going bad. I was able to participate in discussions about food handling and using software applications more effectively -- in particular, Microsoft Excel.

This was a very important experience of my life and if I had to do this again I would most definitely do it again because it made me so alive when I was there. I felt that there was a certain importance to my life.