Bastiaan de Nooijer: Isis' Way of Education

ISIS is an Islamic terrorist group whom are focused on inflicting fear to the world’s population, and to bring hatred to the American population. ISIS obviously consists of a body of people, but they also claim to own a piece of land in Raqqa, which they call their home. ISIS operates from this location, and is slowly growing a community with many other people who follow their belief and way of life. We as world citizens should try everything in our power to wipe ISIS off of the face of this planet, and fight against their evil intentions. ISIS is banning education to its generation of children meaning that these kids will not have the opportunity to learn. ISIS is not providing any kind of positive education to young kids. These children have no bright future like us, no food the way we know it, no family which supports them, and especially nothing to look forward to after a bad night of sleep.

ISIS has a completely different way of educating their children. The multiple classes such as “music, social studies, arts, sports and philosophies are cut” (Gordts). Throughout the school, male students, teachers and staff are separated from the females, and the females are obligated to wear a niqab. “One of ISIS’s key tactics for expansion is the indoctrination of children to support jihad” (Harrison). Slowly, ISIS has been sweeping from school to school in their newly conquered territory to adjust the school’s curriculums according to their ways of teaching. So much of what we learn at the American International School is left out.

Teachers living among ISIS have no choice but to obey their strict orders to teach children what is right. The teachers are still employed by the government, and ISIS threatens to kill them if they attempt to collect their salaries. All teachers have to pledge their allegiance to the leader of ISIS Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. This is done so that ISIS knows who they can trust. Many teachers don’t want to cooperate with ISIS, but they know they have no choice to do any better, or they will die. ISIS is destroying the bright future these kids could have, and their main goal through their education system is to raise this generation of kids in “darkness and to instill aggression and extremism in them” (Harrison). Unfortunately, ISIS is successful with their attempt to expand their “education.” Their way of education is only expanding in their territory, and their expansion is being fought against by multiple countries.

Parents are losing their children because they are being taken away by ISIS. The Hisbah is the ISIS religious police force who spend their days walking around the city and checking on schools to see whether they are educating the students the right way, and checking the citizens whether they are loyal to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and the new laws. Many parents are afraid to send their children to school because they think that they will join ISIS’s army. Of course every parent wants to see their children go to school, but another consequence of not sending their children to school is that ISIS will send these children to special training camps. These camps “teach courses on weapons and explosives, and boys as young as eight learn how to behead “infidels” and opposition fighters” (Harrison). Imagine seeing your son being taken away by ISIS, and seeing him months later, but as a warrior. The parents of these children are some of the strongest and brave people in the world, because there is no worse feeling than seeing your children slowly die from the inside, and outside.

In the coming few years, thousands of new children will be enrolled in these Islamic schools or will be sent to these training camps which will lead to disaster. The future these children have is being taken away from them without them even knowing it, and the only way for them to get it back, is with our help. Let us save them, and provide good care and education for them, and welcome them to our society while we defeat ISIS and their way of living. We can make a change, by taking down ISIS, showing them our power, and strike with force. The best way to defeat ISIS would be to let each country which part takes in the UN send troops to the Islamic State, try and evacuate all the civilians, and fight. Like this, we can try and rescue the next generation’s children, and help them develop in a way they deserve and in a way they will enjoy, just like the rest of the world does.