Cheick Kone: Mali, A Time for Change

If I had to fix one problem in the world it would be to help make Mali into a More Developed Country (MDC) that would motivate other Sub-Saharan countries to develop. This problem is being ignored at the moment by Malians, but it is a serious problem that needs to be fixed. If less developed countries such as Mali don’t industrialized the gap between more developed countries and least developed countries will become too big, thus cause an economical crisis. I feel connected to this problem since I have lived almost all of my life in Mali, which is one of the poorest countries in the world. If Mali can work hard on making a generation of leaders that aren’t corrupt that would be a great step forward into creating brighter future, this will help improve the country. It would also, allow the country to become more reliable and make companies and industries invest in Mali to improve the conditions of the country as whole. Companies with a lot of natural resources who can make a difference, but for all this to happen the country as a whole needs to work hard and polish its developmental program.

It is our responsibility as Malian students to push for the following things: Creating a program that would be fund and supervised but the UN and IMF to improve living conditions, Having a generation of leaders that are not corrupt, and have the ECOSOC committee help us with development. Just in this journalism class if we look around there are 5 five students with Malian nationality that can come back after they have acquired the right skills to influence Mali in a good way. These people are responsible for developing the country in the next 25 years; so that the next generation after us can enjoy the fruit of our hard labor. We have to be able to make the difference that our past leaders could not do.

Turning least developed countries to more developed countries is an important task that we need to work on. Because without MDCs in the world the less developed countries will not be industrialized or developed. This will create a gap between the development levels of all the countries, but in Mali it is critical and a huge problem. The “Geography About” article portrays the fact that being industrialized is what makes countries more developed. This fact being true, Mali needs to be more industrialized, but not many companies invest in Mali because of its variety of issues like corruption,safety, and terrorism . Mali is not a reliable place to live in and invest money. What is meant by this is that there are too many problems that need to be fixed before anyone can trust banks or other companies with their money and plans for the future.

The fact that the government is corrupt is not forcely a reason why the country is not industrialized because the USA is corrupt but is still industrialized and one of the Most developed countries.They wouldn’t be if governments weren’t so corrupted and use tax money and donations to improve infrastructure, which they don’t do therefore harming the country's development. “When Britain was industrializing, total national income increased by more than 600% from 1801 to 1901” (Ross 5). This proves that LDCs can become more industrialized than the country's economy will rise. That will be making the county more reliable and attract more companies with the necessary resources to improve the country’s economic situation and development.

Another way that Mali could improve it developed would be by having higher levels of education. Introducing an educational program that will help all of the street kids with no education, get an education so the literacy rate rises could do this. Education will make the people of the country more intellectual thus turning most of the primary level jobs (agricultural jobs) into tertiary level jobs that demand more skills, which they will acquire. This whole project will be funded by the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and United Nations (UN), but will be supervised by UNESCO to make sure these corrupted countries don’t use the money for anything else. The educational program will mean that the working class will have a higher level of education meaning that they will be payed more increasing the economy. Ideally the funding would come the International Monetary Fund (IMF) will be interest free loan since Mali would be in the situation of being a Low income country (LIC).

The only way that these issues will be fixed would be for the UN to create a sub committee under the economical and Social (ECOSOC) committee that will be taking care of seeing the difference being made, but only the people can tell that the lifestyle is better. This will mean for them to have better infrastructure that will improve their population growth therefore. For all these things to happen the reliability in Mali has to grow, but this can only happen if the current president takes care of the problem in the north and start creating the jobs he promised that would grow the development of the country. They also need to resolve the conflict between the north and the south, which has been going on for over 50 years. Mali needs to be united once again like during its golden age when ruled by Mansa Musa.

In conclusion if countries like Mali want to be developed they need to have more industrial production to rise and companies with the resources to improve the country, but for this to happen they need to be more sophisticated level workers that do tertiary level jobs. What I mean by this is by lowering primary level jobs and to improve that with tertiary level job that demand more skills. This can happen if we all come together as one group and fight for this change that needs to happen immediately.