Roger Indengere: Girls Have a Right to Education

Girls’ right to education must be practiced and allowed everywhere because it will break the cycle of poverty and thus leads to development. This strongly shows that the whole world would be better, more developed if all children were allowed to go to school and all people have right to choose for themselves. This could be more valuable because educated people take most part in development of a country, more than those who are not educated.

Girls’ education is their basic right that leads to a bright future. According to words from UNICEF, “Girls’ education is both an intrinsic right and a critical lever to reaching other development objectives.” The quote clarifies why the education of girls has a good impact on society because it helps them to participate in creativity of priorities, thus leadings to introduction of other useful things that will help people to fight against poverty by earning money for shelter. This quote models the UNICEF’s use of girls’ education as part of the solution among the problems of the society that has ignorant people who really don’t have much skills to work for the country, thus leading to poverty in entire countries.

Educated people contribute to their communities more than people who lack education. The World Bank claims that, “Better educated women tend to be healthier than uneducated women, participate more in the formal labor market, earn higher incomes, have fewer children, marry at a later age, and enable better healthcare and education for their children.” In this quote, the World Bank proposes how girls’ education has a lot of positive impacts on society and how it leads to good family planning which enables parents to take care of their children. This quote reminds the reader that economic problems that are caused by lack of skilled labor can be prevented if all people had studied and then be competitive to secure jobs and work for money to earn income accordingly.

Education to all people, enables them to make decisions about their own lives. According to Save the Children, “Girls' education is key in keeping girls on the path to success.” The quote is reinforcing the idea of the major basic things that girls should have which leads to success. An examination of this quote reveals that whatever girls may do, there is a starting point that will help them to achieve their goals. So education is their strong weapon for their development, and that’s why we have to help them and give them a support of their right of education.

Good education to all people leads to development of individual families and to the country in general. The United Nation Girls’ Education Initiative plainly asserts, “Girls are an important resource for global development, but those living in developing countries do not reach their full potential because they do not receive a proper education.” In this quote, the United Nation Girls’ Education Initiative proposes how the developing countries would be more developed if they have always given enough support of compulsory education to all children. This quote reminds the reader that governments must set strict laws against girls’ education opponents, and participate in that field that will help in potential development of the country.
Not being educated leads to poverty. World Education suggests, “Lack of education limits prospects, decreases family income, reduces health, puts women and girls at risk of trafficking and exploitation, and limits the economic advancement of entire countries.” This quote is significant because if all children were going to school, there wouldn’t be big number of poor people in some developing countries.

Inequality to education leads to poor future generations. UNICEF claims that, “Despite progress in recent years, girls continue to suffer severe disadvantage and exclusion in education systems throughout their lives.” In this quote, UNICEF proposes how many girls around the world are treated unfair to education rights. So this causes them to meet several problems, such as early marriage, poverty, unemployment and so many other problems that put their lives at risks. This quote reminds the reader that problem of denying girls’ education, there should be solutions to stop it because it negatively affects the development of individuals and countries.

Girls have the right to make decisions about their lives, because it enables them to have potential development in their families and to the country. According to United Nation Girls’ Education Initiative, “Girls deserve to be empowered, and make their own choices in life.” The quote is reinforcing the idea that if all people have the right to make decisions in their life, it would definitely be better than being forced to do or choose something that you do not like. So people’s own choices and decisions, may enable them to do things better, which they really feel that they can manage. An examination of this quote is that if girls are all educated, it will give them an advantage of finding solutions of poverty in their families, by working hard in order to earn income through creating labor employments in businesses projects, and participate in market competitions.

In conclusion, based on the many examples provided from highly reputable sources, it is obvious that girls’ education is a fundamental basic right that leads to their development. According to several claims based on girls’ lack of education including early marriages, poor family planning, high birth rates and many more problems, all those problems can be prevented if there is compulsory education for girls. Therefore, compulsory education must be carried out everywhere and made available to all children.