Vivian Peng: We Need Sustainable Development

In our world, we have some issues. They are about everything, but now, we have an imminent threat, that is environmental pollution. Air pollution, large areas of land deforested and more animal extinction. These are serious issues happening in front of our eyes, and we should think about causes and solutions concerning pollution. During modern times, people have focussed on development and as a result we developed fast. This leads to damage and neglect our environment in the process. We only pay attention to development. Development is important of course but development and environment are both important. So, we need to think how to make them balance. When we develop we must also protect the environment. This is difficult but we must do this. Because environment is relating to mankind. We only have one earth, one home, we must protect her.

Overdevelopment leads to air pollution. Air pollution is one of the most important environmental questions, and it can result in global warming. For example, “The Chinese breathe in some of the dirtiest air in the world.” The major causes are car exhaust and factories. In addition, “China’s pollution even blows across the Pacific Ocean to California.” this explains China’s dirty problem is not just affecting China, it’s also affecting the world. According to Ma Jun, an environmental expert in China, the first step is educating people in China. And they will realize it and solve it. China has conducted a meeting in Beijing for reducing pollution, will clear the air, and cut pollution. Ma Jun, one of China’s leading environmental experts, argues that instead of cleaning the air China should stop polluting.



Overdevelopment without thinking about consequences in environment will lead to great problem for animals. There is an example about dolphins. In Hawaii, some swimmers bother the dolphins. This is a problem in Hawaii. People always surrounded dolphins, and they always get in their way. Dolphins always rest in daytime. Sometimes they cannot rest because people play in the water. The government wants new rules to protect dolphins. These new rules are swimmers are not allowed to swim with dolphins during part of the day and they can’t use the boat to get close if the dolphins are resting. These rules are a good way to balance environment and development. We can develop tourism, but also protect the environment.

Environmental pollution not only affects animals, but it also affects people. In Malaysian Borneo, one kind of malaria called macaques was only found in monkeys, but now it is spreading to humans. Patients get sick and even die because of this malaria. Why does this malaria appear? Scientists say that because trees are being cut down and rain forest be changed. Mosquitoes bite the macaques and then bite people. Scientists notice there is more malaria in area where there are less trees. This explains how destruction of trees will affect people.



Someone want to do something to balance environment and development. Here is an example of a student, let me see how does she do. In America, there is more than 45 million people don’t have enough food, but country throws out of food more than one third, it’s the problem. Farmers throw out of some food just because them looks like so ugly. Some food pantry throw out of lots of food because they couldn’t communicate. A student name is Maria Rose Belding, she is 20 years old and still in college. When she saw lots of food is wasted, she was so sad because there is a part of people do not have enough to eat. She wants to change this thing. She built a large online network for saving food. Many food pantries connect this network, and this network allows food pantries to share extra food quickly, this way decrease food waste. This is a good change for balance environment and development because this website not only can save food it also can promote development

Environment is important for future and we must find a way to balance environment and development.