Yannick Nelen: Ignorance is Bliss, But Not What the World Needs

Ignorance, the beginning of every problem: Donald Trump, terrorism, North Korea, and poverty. These are all examples of problems that could be solved if people paid more attention to them; however, people make the choice to remain ignorant. People say “Ignorance is sometimes a blessing,” no, it is not. That’s the exact reason why nothing can be solved. People decide to ignore what’s right in front of them because it doesn’t impact them directly or “has nothing to do with them.” People continue supporting people such as Trump, terrorists believe they’re doing the right thing using “God’s words as an excuse,” Kim Jong Un thinks he can do what he likes because he’s the leader, and people decide to ignore poverty instead of dealing with it. Because of these reasons Ignorance has started become a “blessing.” A “blessing” because it’s easier to ignore the maladies of the world instead of dealing with it. And for some reason it’s better to not know that the world is slowly deteriorating than to actually be aware of it. Now let me ask this question: Do you want your children to be born in a world where one of the most powerful country’s leader is racist, where ISIS destroys and kills people using God as an excuse, where pollution is abundant, where people let global warming happen because they don’t believe in it?

Yes, ignorance lets us feel a sense of relief like nothing's wrong but how is the world supposed to get any better that way? Instead of facing the problem we decide to focus on what we want to watch next. Humans have the tendency to think that as long as they're fine everyone is. Even when they do notice the issues they only think of it as a minority, “Oh, it’ll be fixed soon anyways!” Sincerely believing that someone else will come to fix it or get fixed by itself. Instead the issue gets worse and worse. The world's issues aren't irreparable but cannot be fixed with ignorant men like Donald Trump leading one of the most powerful countries in the world. Are we doing enough to stop this ignorant man from becoming a major leader? The answer is no. People need to step up and tell the people voting for him to actually look at the man they’re voting for. He’s a very dangerous man that could potentially start World War III. Opening people’s eyes of who Donald Trump really is isn’t that hard! But people choose to complain and not actually do something about it.

ISIS is another big example of ignorance. Using “God's words” as an excuse to kill and destroy is the worse kind of ignorance. Why would someone ever think of murdering someone else just because he or she has different beliefs from you? They've even gone so far and destroyed a Roman trading outpost that flourished around A.D. 200. A building with so much history and a historical cultural heritage destroyed in minutes. Using “God's words” as excuse, but when you read the Koran you'll see that God never said any of these things. The Koran even goes and says not to kill. But they've taken it into their own hands and not only killed people but also destroyed cultural heritage. Just by reading the Koran instead of picking out the parts they want could stop the ISIS from performing these atrocities. But don’t misunderstand.

I’m not saying that you should join the army. We cannot erase what already exists. We can’t all of a sudden change ISIS’ minds but we can change our own. We can educate ourselves so that we, ourselves, don’t get influenced by their wrong ideals.

You can take pretty much all this and previous years’ seniors as example. We’re all going off to university and striving for better education that can really change and help countries such as Mali. I, myself, am planning to go study international relations and political science so I can come back to Mali and try to help. We’re all trying to avoid ignorance the best we can for now, education. By further improving education systems around the world especially in LDCs, less developed countries, ignorance can tremendously decrease. By doing that we can slowly improve society; which has come to a sudden stop with all these world issues. By stopping ignorance we can not only improve society but the world too. And don’t we all want a better world for our children?