AISB Dreams: Marianne Racicot

When we are kids we have dreams, and when we grow up we still have dreams. At AISB, students and teachers have incredible dreams. What do you notice in people’s AISB Dreams1AISB Dreams1responses about dreams?

Answering the question, “What is your dream?” Liam Owens, a Kindergartener answered, “I want to be an astronaut, because I can see space.”

In comparison, Mohamed Touré, a senior that is going to Linfield College next year said, “I don’t know, because my dreams always change. As a kid I wanted to do everything my dad did. I wanted to become a doctor or work in an NGO. Afterwards, I wanted to go into biology, be a researcher. Then I changed my mind and wanted to be a doctor. And now, I don’t know, I only know that I want to study biology. When I was kid it was so simple.”

The question is, is it really simpler when we are kids? Or is it because as we grow up, we have more responsibilities and we are more realistic?

AISB DreamsAISB DreamsAccording to Ms. Lapidus, our Biology teacher, “There’s a lot of “real” world consideration. You need to take into account when you grow up. Even when you are an adult, your dreams can change. I don’t really know right now, because I need to decide whether I want to stay in teaching or move into a different career field.”

When we are in kindergarten we know what we want to become. But when it’s the time to make a choice, we get confused. We don’t want to make mistakes, because we don’t want to let go of our dreams.