Music Industry News: Bastiaan de Nooijer

Everyone enjoys music, and we all know that it takes a lot of time to make it. Many people undervalue the creative process producers go through when making music. Most underground producers make their tracks because they just love to do it, although they do not get the recognition they deserve. On the other hand, the bigger names in the music world are forced to produce a certain style of music due to the type of music that is trending. Underground producers don’t have the urge to follow latest trends, instead they make whatever comes from the heart.

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Many people enjoy listening to music, but don’t truly appreciate the work put into it. According to Factory Djs, “Music is a way of expressing your inner self, and a way of exploring new possibilities and emotions.” When people listen to music, they immediately flip a switch which allows them to feel differently, depending on the type of music they are listening too. In Patrick Scullion’s opinion, “The production of music takes so much more time than the average human being expects it to take, and it is not even appreciated for its quality compared to other products.” An example of this is a Starbucks coffee costs $3 which is produced in a minute. Many people would rather buy that than help a friend out by paying $1 for their latest song, which they could have spent months working on, and lasts an eternity.

One way of dealing with this underappreciating environment is to always have contacts. In other words, to always keep in touch with other producers. This way, you will be able to help each other grow, which is one of the best ways to make a name for yourself and at the same time, your friends. “The world is more concerned with its own well-being rather than looking out for each other, and in terms of musicians, helping each other grow, ” says Anthony Galindo. “We as Tekxotics, an American duo realize that the music industry is costing much more lately, and that the amount of support we get from the bigger names is becoming much less.”

The reality is that no one really cares about your music until it gets played at a festival by a famous DJ or if it gets featured on the radio. However, “Most underground music producers enjoy each other’s music much more than the music of famous producers. This is because the bigger names are forced to produce certain types of music once having signed at labels. On the other hand, we have the ability to create whatever we want and to use our creativity to our full potential,” says Piece Wise.

In the end, music helps us unite, and hopefully soon producers will be able to interact as one big family. After all, “Enjoying music is something that makes us human,” says Lysha Wasser. Music can be the solution to many issues, and lets us express our feelings and emotions. Now the real question is, why don’t you start making music?