Friday After School Soccer: Cheick Kone

Most Fridays after school, the Secondary Soccer team has a soccer match against the school staff on the AISB soccer field. This is a great way for the Secondary Soccer team FridayAfterSchoolSoccerFridayAfterSchoolSoccerto train with people who have more experience. These matches are organized thanks to the help of Coach Sam, Ms. Mayer, Mrs. Schultz, Mr. Adama, Mr. Baba, and the entire soccer team willing to put in time and effort to play.

These matches are a good chance for the team to practice as a whole and create a bond between each other. This is also something the students and staff can look forward to at the end of the week.

“These matches are good way for the students to see that the teachers are normal people,” said Ms. Mayer. These are bonding moments for the soccer team that contains both high schoolers and middle schoolers, which builds on the family atmosphere at AISB. When talking with other people involved in this event like Ivan Monjane, the main striker, he had this to say, “I believe that the team as a whole learns a lot while having fun, which is an important part of the whole experience.”

These matches take place on Fridays from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. These soccer matches are a new and innovative way for the team to train. Team captain, Mohamed Touré, feels strongly that he will, “Definitely miss having these Friday after school matches once I go off to university.”

Finally, I talked with one of our fellow staff members who play with us on every occasion we have to play matches on Friday. Lassi said, “This is a good way for the staff to relax and be able to enjoy the end of the week.” He also said, “These are bonding moments between both groups and the only way that this would be better would be if some more people could join the fun and make it more interesting.”