Koranic School Visit: Raphaela Zocklein

On May 18, 2016, the Koranic students of Sotuba, visited AISB. The idea of this event is for AISB students to learn more about the city and its cultures. “Experiential learning is more meaningful for students, but it requires a lot more work, on behalf of the teacher,” said Mrs. Kelly Owens. Through her help and the students of the AISB, it was feasible to organize the event. This event was planned after the Psychology class went on a field trip in early March to the Koranic School of Sotuba.


On the morning of May 18th, Florianne de Nooijer, Cheick B. Kone and Mrs. Owens picked up the Koranic School students and bought them on the bus to the school where the students waited for their arrival. The event took place at the sports field and classrooms from 7:30 A.M to 9:30 A.M, where the students set up games.
When the guests arrived at the school, they split up in small groups, with the students of the AISB. Some activities that took place, were dodgeball, basketball, soccer, hula hooping and small arts project for the younger students.

“It's been really nice to interact with them because they were so excited. I felt really glad to be able to interact with such cheerful people,” Mariam Diallo said. “I felt good to have some visitors come in from a different school and culture and it was good to show them how we do things at our school. The last time around we were the ones to visit their school and see how the students are taught there.”

“I really enjoyed playing soccer with the kids during the free time and I also really appreciated playing basketball even though we weren't playing with the real rules. It seemed to me they enjoyed the whole experience. I think I built some good bonds with a couple of the older kids, but not as much with the younger kids,” said Cheick B. Kone.