Leaving AISB: Chade van de Fliert

The Seniors at AISB are graduating in less than ten days. Some have been here a year, others their entire life. Graduation is a monumental event for each of them, and this is their testimony about coming to AISB and leaving it for good.

Bastiaan’ de Nooijer’s comments come straight from the heart, “Coming to this school was one of the most exciting moments of my life. People were very welcoming, and I felt at home. Leaving this school is going to be really hard because I have so many great memories in Mali. It’s basically the best school I’ve ever been to because everyone knows each other. I’ll never forget the amazing five years that I have spent at AISB.’’


Marianne Racicot’s ideas were international, “Coming to this school in the beginning was hard because I couldn’t speak English and I didn’t know anyone. Some people were very welcoming; as a girl it was hard to be included with the other girls, but it was very easy with the boys. After a while, you get used to it and people get to know you. Leaving the school will be sad and I'll miss Mali and AISB because I’ve been here for two years. However, I'm also excited to go back to Canada and have new experiences.”

Mohamed Toure’s words were full of emotion, “I came to this school a long time ago, and now I’m one of the longest tenured students. I loved this school, and I still love this school. I have had a lot of friends and it has been peaceful and calm. Leaving this school will be sad, but exciting as well; it's really exciting to go to university. It will be hard to leave this community, and I hope to find a new one like this.

“I’ll miss you,” said Bastiaan, “ I'll miss you too,” replied Mohamed.