AISB's Swimming Pool Construction: Mohamed Touré

On April 7th, AISB initiated the construction of the first pool in its history. The construction is located behind the main campus and to the right of the soccer field, and will consist of a competition suitable pool (25 by 15 meters), a “beginner” pool (10 by 10 meters), changing rooms, and an office for the life guards. According to Mr. Waugh, “[the pool construction] is contracted to go to October 7th, but there are many who think that it will be ready at the start of the school year next year.” If we are lucky, our students might be bringing their swimsuits on the first day of school.

“One thing that is interesting is that this is the start of what is called Phase 2 of our construction. So this is not a new idea,” said Mr. Waugh. The pool was a part of this campus construction, and was thought up by the board members while the school was still located in Badalabougou. Phase 1 consists of the campus and the fields that we currently have. Phase 2 consists of the pool, a track around the secondary soccer field, and possibly a second story on the campus, and Phase 3 even looks into teacher housing on campus.

swimming pool1swimming pool1   swimming pool2swimming pool2

The pool construction contract has been signed with the companies EAK and Pyramidion. Mr. Waugh was able to tell me that the money used to fund the construction “doesn’t come from tuition dollars, [but] comes from the capital funds.” The parent capital fund donations are what cover the loan that needs to be paid for this building, and any surplus goes into ongoing building projects.

Pool usage will be based on priorities.The priority of the pool will be for curricular use. “It is going to be used for all our students to learn how to swim and learn water safety.” Secondly, it will be used for additional curricular use; for example the middle school science class might use the pool to study buoyancy. The third priority would be its use for competitive reasons, like after school activities or swimming events. Then would come student social usages, like a first grade pool party, followed by parent social usages, like parents using the pool during the Back to School Barbecue. And finally, the last priority might be for the pool to be used by outside people such as when the Dutch Embassy hosted a football tournament on campus.

Special thanks to Mr. Waugh