New Kids at AISB: Moussa Diarra

Being the new kid at school is never easy. New place, new friends, new…well, everything. The trick to fitting in right away is a concept that escapes some people, but not here at AISB! New students have had next to no trouble easing into both the academic aspects of our school as well as the social scene.

new kidsnew kids
Hailing from Rwanda, new student Nadine Iraguha attended Rwaza Secondary School before coming to AISB, and likes AISB because, “People are awesome. I like the students, I like the staff, and everyone is nice.” Roger Indengere, also native to Rwanda, provides a more academic evaluation of our school.

Before attending AISB, Roger attended the Regina-Patris Secondary School in Rwanda. Roger articulated, “I like it here at AISB because it’s better than the school I was at before. Here, they give more information about the courses, it’s productive and fun!” Roger went on to further compare AISB to his previous school, in that “The students that study things here, they understand well.”

Another new face, Seynabou Kane, has already graduated from high school and is attending a university in the Netherlands, but is spending her vacation time auditing classes at AISB. Seynabou stated, “I like the community, especially the Bamako lifestyle. I already finished my high school, but I really like to dive into all the new things I learn here.” Adapting to life as a new student at AISB is simple. The testimony given by these new students reflects this view.