O2 Environnement - Environmental Action: Mathilda Munstege

Malian Youth Changing the Streets of Bamako

Many associations have tried to find new ways to build Mali into a sustainable country for future generations. O2 Environnement has successfully grown to become an influential environmentalist group through social media, and has taken action to address the alarming rate of pollution in the City of Bamako. O2 Environnement is a non-profit association entirely founded by young motivated students from different fields and disciplines, who are committed to promoting and assisting the defense and preservation of the environment in Mali.

Conscientiously and meticulously elaborated, O2 has proved to be effective in terms of taking action. The president of O2 Environnement, Sanogo Modibo, himself admitted the striving success of the association is due to the smart and motivated members that he recruited. “We all say we want a change, but very few actually are able to make a change,” said the president. The association has recently uploaded a survey online as well as distributed surveys in order to obtain people’s opinions on trash disposal. Part of their action plan is to initiate trash sorting in order to increase the recycling of reusable waste. They are researching the habits of trash disposal in the population to further evaluate the benefits of taking this next initiative.

If you think that keeping our streets clean is important then an upcoming event organized by O2 Environnement may interest you. Next Saturday, May 28th, there will be an introduction to “La Journee de Salubrité,” a day dedicated to cleaning the streets of Bamako. The environmentalists are hoping the event will benefit people living in the area but also be an incentive to motivate people to do the same. O2 Environnement is looking forward to growing and building a strong syndicate, and is seeking volunteers that may volunteer time or money.