Online Classes at AISB: Anwar Daoud

Online courses are very convenient, especially when you live in a country like Mali where access to teachers who teach a specific subject can be hard to find. AISB is a school with not a lot of people, which creates a strong community, however it also means that there are a limited amount of teachers. Sometimes we get lucky and get a teacher who has a degree in multiple subjects and is willing to teach many subjects. Other times we aren’t so lucky and may need to take an online course.

Of all of the students that have taken online courses, ZERO of them were disappointed with their classes. Quoting Idrissa, “As long as you do your work every week it’s fine, and you can get an easy A.” Bastiaan, Eline, Leena, Paul-Lou, and Alpha all said, “I would definitely [advise] people who like to study alone to take online classes.” Online courses may not be for everyone, however they have proven to be convenient for our AISB students.

Most students have taken online courses on the k12 platform, however there are more options to choose from such as BYU Academy. “You need to be self-motivated and organized to succeed. If you haven’t turned in work or haven’t been regularly involved in your online courses, there is no one to tell you to get back on track,” Eline pointed out. Keeping that in mind, online courses can be a real stress reliever.

School is a place for learning. However, some days it’s just too much and you need to take a step back. In this situation, an online class is perfect to take. Paul-Lou said, “There is no teacher to tell you that an assignment is due tomorrow. You can take your time, meaning if you are having a stressful day, you can just relax a bit during your online period, and then catch up [at home].” “Online courses are also great for getting work done in other classes,” added Anwar.

Online classes can also be really fun. Bastiaan tells us, “Everyday when I had online math, I looked forward to it because I knew I would be in a room with my friend, Moussa, with no distractions. We could get straight to the point, and we could have fun.” Currently at AISB, students taking an online class only take them because there is no teacher who can provide that class.

This leads to the question, would you prefer taking class an online class or having a class with a traditional teacher? Surprisingly, the answers were half yes and half no. Alpha, Bastiaan, and Paul-Lou all said, “Online is better.” While Leena and Eline said, “I would prefer a real teacher.