Going to college: Seynabou Kane

The time has come for the seniors of AISB to go to college. They are leaving the safe nests and will fly into the big “new” world. Seniors of AISB had the chance to apply to universities all over the world in countries such as Holland, the USA and Canada. How are the kids preparing for college life? They will soon be living on their own and having other responsibilities.2015 16 graduates2015 16 graduates

Bastiaan de Nooijer feels that, “The best few years of my life are starting right now.” Mohamed added that he, “has a bunch of excited feelings to go to college.

Another thought from Paul-Lou Pepin, “I’m scared, but also excited because I’m going to meet new people and for once in my life study something I like.” And they have every right to have a bunch of mixed feelings. “All of a sudden I’m going to be 5000 km away from my parents. They are going to stay in Africa, and I’m going to be in Canada,” he explained.

Facing challenges they've never had faced before. Moussa Diarra said some wise words namely, “In order to tackle any challenges you need to face them first.”

To deal with a couple of those challenges some graduates will have help from people who live close to them. Bastiaan de Nooijer will get a lot of help from friends, “They are telling me how to spend my budget, how to do laundry and how to plan my schedule.” Even Mohamed Touré is going with his sister to the US where she will help him to arrange things for college.

A question all Seniors had the same answer for was, “What are you going to miss the most about AISB?” The seniors all answered with, “The people and friends of the AISB community!”