The SAT Exam - Look on the Bright Side: Paul-Lou Pepín

The SAT exam is a highly recommended test taken by high school students and used for college admissions specifically in Canada and the United States. The SATThe SATOverall, it tests your “general knowledge and to see how well you can take a test under pressure,” said Moussa Diarra. Even though there are universities that don’t necessarily ask for it, many students will be required to take it in order for you to get into the universities on their college list.

“It’s just like the AP. It isn’t necessarily required, but it’s better than not taking it. And, it’s made by the same people,” Moussa Diarra said while looking at me with an “it’s a conspiracy” facial expression.

The test is composed of two major sections: The Reading and Writing section (in which there is an optional essay) and the Mathematics section. In the first section, the reading part is 65 minutes and the writing and language part is 35 minutes. The optional essay is 50 minutes long. The math section lasts 80 minutes. The test overall is out of 1600 points. Each of the two sections receives a maximum score of 800 points.

The SAT can be taken, “three times a year in October, November and May at AISB.” said Lysha Wasser. “It’s always and only on a Saturday morning,” said Mohamed Touré with an upset look. For those looking on the bright side, there is no speaking component.

In the end, it is true that no one likes the idea of waking up early on a Saturday morning to take a test, but look on the bright side! Mr.Lysha will probably be the proctor and it will be very helpful for your university studies.