Watch Out-It's Dodgeball Intramurals: Nadia Loupeda

Sotramas took first place in the intramurals event on Friday, May 20th. Taxis were second, Camions were third and Motos were last. That dodgeball intramurals was the last intramural event of this school year, which made it a very intense competition.

At first, the Sotramas and the Taxis were winning everything. Eventually, their repetitive victories came to an end. On the other hand, the Camions and the Motos kept losing but that didn’t go on forever either. In the end, Sotramas won four matches, Taxis won three, Camions won two, and Motos won none.

Everyone is usually always excited whenever there are intramurals coming up but this time they were even more excited because it was the last intramural event of the year and the sport chosen was dodgeball. The event took place in the MPR, on Friday after starting during Advisory class.

Before the event, Mohamed Toure, the Sotramas’ captain said, “I'm determined to make the Sotramas win." Mathilda Munstege, the Taxis’ captain on the other hand was, "Not really motivated." Marianne Racicot, the Camions’ captain was focusing on something else, "The most important thing for me is that everyone participates because some people never come. I hope it's going to be different this time," she said before the event. Pascal Fetscher, the Motos’ captain justs wants to win, "Of course my team will win," he said.

Students think positively about intramurals. "I think it's interesting because it is fun and it makes the school come together," said Ivan Monjane. "It's a great way for younger students and older kids to bond together," said Michaella Mutoni. "It depends on the sport we are playing, but it's still nice because it makes me use energy," said Louis Racicot. "It's a fun activity to build the school's spirit and it allows the kids to interact with each other," said Alexis Schultz. Finally, according to Fousseiny Diallo, it is even “a great way to lose weight.”

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