MUN Writeup

by: Gabriel Nzungize

MUN was a wonderful experience. The moment I stepped in the Social and Cultural committee which was full of respected delegates was nerve wracking. However, within a couple hours I had familiarized myself with a majority of the Social and Cultural committee members. This helped me be able to have the freedom to communicate my point of view on the topic.

The trip to St. Petersburg, Russia, pushed us to learn a lot, as every member of the conference was representing a country and the point of view of that country. This helped me learn a lot concerning the represented countries. The trip also contributed to my learning of Russian history, as we visited the most important sites of the country. The sites include palaces, churches, and historical monuments. Via this site seeing we learned what happened in those specific areas. For example we learned where Grigori Rasputin was killed and the story that goes with his murder.
During the stay in St. Petersburg we were able to access important buildings of the Russian government. An example of a building would be the Parliament, where the student ambassadors of each country participating in the MUN gave a speech. The official opening of the conference as well happened at Parliament.

Going on a trip to MUN was one of the best decisions of my life. It wasn’t only a wonderful experience, but it taught us a lot, and participating in another MUN conference would be really nice.