“Rabitat” Construction

The "Rabitat" project began in November. PreK teachers were looking for someone to would design an enclosure for animals in the space that is beside their classrooms, and Grade 7 students were up to the task.

Students researched what kind of animals could live in the area available, prepared presentations to convince their classmates of their choice, and voted to make the best selection. Students then researched designs for rabbit enclosures and, in groups, designed a series of enclosures. Student groups created scaled 3D models of their enclosure, and prepared presentations to present their models and the costs that would be involved in building them. The PreK teachers asked that we take one aspect from every group’s design to create the final project.

Students then prepared a presentation for Mr. Waugh and Mr. Baba to discuss the cost, the maintenance, the building, and the welfare of the bunnies. The project was approved.

The hutch was built, painted and put in place. On Tuesday May 9, the rabbits were presented to the PreK students, and installed in their new home. The PreK students are now in charge of feeding and caring for the rabbits - - a whole new project.