The Invention Convention: Finding solutions to real-world problems

Preparation for the Invention Convention began in early March, and involved students from grades 4 to grade 7. The goal was for students to develop a solution to a real-world problem.  Students worked individually or in groups to interview three different people to get ideas about real-world problems they could solve, and then choose three problems to investigate. Students researched what kind of technology solutions already existed for solving the specific problems they chose, and then spent a few weeks building models and prototypes to devise new solutions.

Each group chose one of the models/prototypes, and built their invention. Students prepared presentations to discuss the problem and their solution, who it helps, why it’s important, their design process, their successes as well as their failures, the cost, and a list of people that helped them throughout the project.

Students, parents, and staff members were invited to a two-hour invention convention at which the inventors demonstrated their work, and described their innovation processes. Watch the Invention Convention video here!