Biathlon: a community-building project

In March, the sixth grade Advisory class decided that they wanted to organize an event that would bring the school community together. and chose to run a Triathlon. They started organizing and planning the routes and contacting different companies around Bamako about bike rental options. The class asked Mr. Waugh if he would consider allowing the event to run during the school day as this would impact the learning schedule, and were able to show to Mr. Waugh the community benefits to this kind of event. The event was approved.
When they had sufficient information, the students created a Google Survey to find out how many middle school students wanted to participate. The results came back with disappointing numbers, so the students decided to ask the high schoolers if they would like to participate. These results were encouraging, and it was decided to go ahead with the planning/organization of a triathlon.
Because there were no companies that were willing to rent bicycles to the school, the students decided that instead of cancelling the event, they would change it from a Triathlon to a Biathlon.

They then sent a third survey out to find out all the information needed to ensure the event ran smoothly. The students made plans with the school staff to ensure all of the set-up was done for the morning of the event, created teams and organized emails to send to participants.
On May 9, the morning of the event, the students helped with setting up all of the cones and ensuring the equipment was all in place. The event was a success.