Grade 11 Internship: a heartfelt thank you to our community sponsors

Internships vary considerably in their shape; but each one entails a considerable commitment of time, focus and energy on the part of our community partners. Our sponsors allow our students to engage meaningfully with the workplace and their fellow workers, offering sensitive, supportive mentorship and valuable opportunities for learning and reflection.

We would like to thank our community partners very sincerely for their generosity and support in taking on our student interns. We couldn’t do it without you.

This year’s community sponsors included:

M. Hadid Abdelaziz, Clinique PA & KA
Mme Sidibé Fatoumata Cissé, Komi Audit
Dr. Yacouba L. Diallo, Hôpital du Mali
Mr Birama and Mr Ibrahim Touré, Agence de communication:
Mme Paula Dobbelaar, Ministère de l'Eau et de l'Énergie
Mr Sidy Boubacar Koné, Transport UATT
Mr. Arboukana Maiga, Louboutech
Mrs. Aline Mukamabano, International Community of the Red Cross
Dr Boubacar Niaré, Cabinet LABELVET
L'Ambassadeur des Pays-Bas Mr. Jolke Oppewal, and Mr. Biby Traoré, Ambassade des Pays-Bas
Mr. Assen Ouastani and Mr Diallo Idrissa, BIM s.a.
Ms. Adizata Sangaré, Right to Play
Mr. Daniel Son, MINUSMA
Dr. Hamet Pierre Touré, Clinique Pasteur
Mr Mamadou Touré, SINJIYA-TON Mali


Interns undertake a process of self-reflection after their return to school, in which they consider all that they have learned about themselves and the world during the week -- and this year, our interns returned to school full of stories, and with a whole new appreciation for the working world. Some have written reflections for publishing in the newsletter; last month we shared Juliette Racicot’s, and in this edition you’ll find reflections by Kritika Sahoo and Nadine Iraguha, and by Alice Racicot.

We asked the whole class to summarize their internship experiences very briefly, to give the community a sense of the variety and value of the internship program. Below are the first of the responses; we’ll publish the rest in next month’s newsletter.

Samuel spent his internship week at Hopital Du Mali. He learnt how to treat patients with different diseases like diabetes and also how to treat patients that have injuries in different parts of their bodies.

Kia spent her internship week at MINUSMA. She learned a lot about the situation in Northern Mali and peacekeeping operations. Additionally, she realized that she had been very ignorant about this peacekeeping mission and how it’s the most dangerous UN mission worldwide.

Alice & Melinda
Alice and Melinda’s internship was at Clinique Pasteur. During their internship, they learned how the different sectors of a hospital work together. They saw a lot of different wounds, diseases and most of all pain. They realized that working at a hospital is not only physically exhausting, it is also emotionally exhausting. A hospital can never be a place of happiness; the only thing once can give to patients is hope and appease their pain.

For his internship Simon worked at the Direction National Hydraulique (DNH) Where he learned the politics behind water management.

Ismaila worked at Louboutech, a company that trains and recruits engineers. Ismaila wants to become an engineer, and that is the reason why he selected this place for his internship. Ismaila had a great experience and is confident that engineering is a good choice for him.

Fatima learned and enjoyed a lot during her Internship. She learned how to open new bank accounts for people. She especially enjoyed talking to many different people.

Chris’s internship was interesting because he discovered a professional side to himself. Being on time, greeting all the employees, getting the desk ready, and being on task. His supervisor was a nice person who let him take little breaks when he was tired at times. It was a good experience because it taught him patience and multitasking.